The application period for the EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme closed on 31 December 2023.

Coverage of the Subsidy

1. The subsidy will in general cover the costs of employing a consultant and a contractor for the installation of EVCEI in the car park concerned, including the costs of using the designated web platform for procurement of services of consultant and contractor. The EVCEI installation works to be covered include installation and upgrading of cable containment / trays / trunking, protection devices, distribution boards, conduits, switches, cables / wirings, isolators, alteration and addition to switchgear, meter boards for installation of electric meters, fireman’s emergency switch, and associated builder’s works required. Modification to the existing charging facilities to integrate with the EVCEI to be installed under the EHSS may also be covered, subject to approval of the EPD. The subsidy will not cover a load management system for the EVCEI installed or to be installed under the EHSS.

The EVCEI must be designed by a consultant according to EPD's "Design Guidelines for Electric Vehicle Charging-enabling Infrastructure under the EHSS".

The subsidy will not cover the supply and installation of EV chargers / EV supply equipment to be connected to the EVCEI installed under the EHSS, and any operating, maintenance and insurance costs of the installed EVCEI and the fire detection system if installed. No subsidy will be provided for any EVCEI or charging facilities installed before submission of the application to the EPD.