The EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme is currently accepting application

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Application for Inclusion in the Consultants List and / or Contractors List at the Open E-tendering Platform

If you are an electrical contractor included in the register of registered electrical contractors kept by the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services under Regulation 10(1) of the Electricity (Registration) Regulations (Cap. 406 Sub. Leg.), you can, starting from 11 January 2021, apply for including the name of your company in the Consultants List and / or Contractors List in the open e-tendering platform of the EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme (“EHSS”). This open e-tendering platform is administered by the Urban Renewal Authority, and electrical contractors included in the consultants list and contractors list can receive new tender notices for installation works of electric vehicle charging-enabling infrastructure ("EVCEI") under the EHSS.

To enable EV users to conveniently charge their EVs at their residences, the Environmental Protection Department ("EPD") has launched the $2 billion EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme on 21 October 2020, to promote the installation of EVCEI in car parks of existing private residential buildings. The EHSS facilitates owners of individual parking spaces to install chargers according to their own needs in future. It is expected that about 60,000 parking spaces will be provided with EVCEI in about three years under the scheme, encouraging people with driving needs to switch to EVs.

All successful applicants of the EHSS are required to procure the services of consultants and contractors for the installation works of the EVCEI in their car parks according to the "Guide to Procurement of Services of Consultants and Contractors for Installation of EVCEI under the EHSS" at Annex 2 of the "EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme - Application Notes", and they shall devise the tender specifications of the installation works by making reference to the "Guidance on Preparation of Specifications for Employment of Consultants and Contractors for Installation Works under the EHSS" issued by the EPD. All these documents can be accessed at the EHSS website.

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